Congressman Ted Yoho

Representing the 3rd District of Florida
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Yoho Votes to Protect Seniors' Access to Medicare

Jun 23, 2015
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Ted S. Yoho (R-FL-03) voted in favor of HR 1190 - Protecting Seniors’ Access to Medicare Act. The bill will repeal Medicare’s Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) created by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

IPAB was created by the ACA, and is tasked to develop proposals to “reduce the per capita rate of growth in Medicare spending.”  IPAB action is triggered if the projected five-year average growth in per capita Medicare program spending exceeds a specified target.  The concerns with how the IPAB is structured and the amount of power an unelected board of 15 government bureaucrats would have over the Medicare system is of great concern.   Congressman Yoho gave the following statement:

“Today is a victory for all seniors in my district and across the country. I have said time and again, Obamacare needs to be replaced with a more patient centered form of healthcare. Individuals and their doctors should be making personal medical decisions, not the federal government. Removing IPAB from Obamacare is the right thing to do. This bill will give seniors peace of mind that they will have continued access to Medicare and not have to worry about the decisions being made by 15 unelected government bureaucrats, who are unaccountable to the public.”


Congressman Ted Yoho serves on the Foreign Affairs and Agriculture Committees. He represents North Florida’s 3rd Congressional District