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Representing the 3rd District of Florida
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Yoho Statement on Immigration Caravan

Oct 27, 2018
Press Release

Congressman Ted S. Yoho (R-FL) released the following statement on the Immigration Caravan headed towards the United States:

“Our country was founded on the principles of life, liberty, and an individual's right to pursue happiness. We achieve this by being a Nation of laws, not men. We also have an orderly although antiquated immigration process. However, when laws are broken, it disrupts the processes put in place for those who follow our laws.

“I support legal immigration. Florida, as our nation, is greatly enriched by the many diverse communities that have made their homes here. My heart goes out to this caravan of migrants from Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador approaching our border. I can only imagine their plight. However, we cannot favor one group over another because the situation appeals to our emotions. These countries must do better for their citizens- period. For too long, America’s welfare and immigration loopholes, along with President Obama’s illegal DACA Executive Order, have acted like a magnet for this activity. We must halt these disruptive practices and pass lasting and effective immigration reform.  

“When people amass into large groups and storm our borders- regardless of reason- it prohibits orderly legal entry into our nation. All groups are affected in a negative way and it creates a disdain towards immigration overall. Our country has legal channels for those that want to migrate legally here or to seek work, refugee status, and asylum. In fact, the U.S. accepts over one million migrants annually more than any other nation.

“I support President Trump in his efforts to enforce our current laws, and his effort to secure our border or close it temporarily if necessary, to prevent this massive wave of illegal immigration. I will continue to push House leadership to bring up my agriculture guest worker program that would prevent a large amount of illegal immigration. Illegal immigration should not be a party issue.  One either believes in national security and rule of law or not. This has gone on for too long- the time to act is now it’s time to do what’s best for America. After all, if it’s best for our nation, does not everyone- the country, our citizens, and the immigrant- benefit?”