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Yoho Leads Congressional Delegation Letter Urging President Obama to Hold Iran Accountable

Dec 21, 2015
Press Release

Washington D.C.  – In light of Iran’s repeated violation of the agreed upon Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) , Congressman Ted S. Yoho (R-FL) sent a letter to President Obama urging him to stop any further implementation of the Iran-Nuclear Agreement until the United Nations investigates Iran’s recent illegal missile launches. A group of 100 plus Members of Congress have joined Congressman Yoho in signing the letter.  Rep. Yoho released the following statement:

“If President Obama will not take the necessary steps to hold Iran accountable, I, along with the support of my colleagues in the House and on the Foreign Affairs Committee, will make sure he does.

“The defiant actions by the Iranian regime, of test firing a new medium range ballistic missile, further support my feeling that the P5 +1 deal is a bad deal for America and the world. The Iranian’s test firing of ballistic missiles has nothing to do with establishing a ‘peaceful’ nuclear program. On not one but two occasions, Iran blatantly violated a United Nation’s passed resolution which says Iran cannot work on any ballistic missiles for eight years. They have in effect thumbed their nose at the world.

“President Obama and John Kerry brokered this deal in June of 2015 without the consent of Congress. It was clearly stated in the agreement that if Iran broke any of the conditions, all sanctions would be re-enforced.  Iran has shown they have no intention of following this agreement and therefore no further sanction relief should be considered. In fact, the “snap back” provision should be implemented if America wants to regain lost credibility.

“We should have never lifted the sanctions on this regime that is hell bent on getting a nuclear weapon. President Obama must show leadership and stop the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action until Iran complies with the agreement they have signed with the world. The fact that our letter has garnered support from so many of my colleagues highlights the importance of this issue and shows just how bad this deal really is.”