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Yoho and Smith Introduce Resolution Urging Establishment of Trade Agreement with Japan

Mar 30, 2017
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Ted Yoho (R-FL) and Congressman Adrian Smith (R-NE) introduced H. Res. 236 today, a resolution urging the Trump administration to start the process of establishing a trade agreement with Japan. 

“As the United States’ fourth largest trading partner in 2016, pursuing a bilateral trade agreement with Japan would only continue to strengthen the U.S.-Japan relationship,” Congressman Yoho said.  “This trade agreement will provide additional opportunities for the free flow of goods between our two nations.  Additionally, a U.S.-Japan bilateral trade agreement will signify that the United States is not only willing, but intends to stand by one of its most important and trusted allies and remain engaged in the Asia-Pacific region.”

“We cannot afford to miss this opportunity to reduce trade barriers with Japan, especially for U.S. agriculture producers,” Congressman Smith said.  “We have already seen the results of U.S. inaction on trade.  For example, Japan currently levies a nearly 40 percent tariff on U.S. beef, while Australia, which established its own agreement with Japan, only pays a 28 percent tariff on the same export.  Strong trade policy strengthens our relationships around the world, and doing so with Japan, one of our allies and top trading partners, is a logical place to start.”

“For U.S. beef exports, Japan is the highest value international market. Japanese consumers purchased $1.5 billion of U.S. beef products in 2016, despite a 38.5 percent tariff. A successful, comprehensive agreement with Japan would result in one of the greatest trade agreements for the U.S. beef industry, and we appreciate the leadership of Reps. Smith and Yoho in working to expand our export markets,” said Craig Uden, NCBA President.

“America’s pork producers thank Rep. Smith and Rep. Yoho for introducing a resolution urging the Trump administration to pursue a free trade agreement with Japan,” said National Pork Producers Council President Ken Maschhoff, a pork producer from Carlyle, Illinois.  “An FTA with Japan, the U.S. pork industry’s number one export market, would exponentially expand our exports and create American jobs.  Without one, though, we could lose market share to competitors such as the European Union.”