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Reps. Yoho and Davis Continue Fight to Improve Benefit Claims for Veterans

Jun 23, 2016
Press Release

Washington D.C. - Backed by the support of over 130 Members of Congress, Reps. Ted S. Yoho (R-FL) and Rodney Davis (R-Ill) advocated on behalf of all American Military Veterans for the passage of legislation to streamline their benefits claims. The bill, WINGMAN (H.R. 5166), improves the process between the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and the congressional constituent advocates who process those claims on behalf of veterans and their families.

Rep. Yoho, who testified in front of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, said in his written testimony, “It is unconscionable that a single man or woman who has answered the call to serve our nation, protect our freedoms, and potentially sacrifice their life should have to wait to receive the care and benefits they have more than earned.” Yoho added, “The reality for many of our veterans is that the system designed to have their back leaves them questioning whether or not the county cares at all what happens after they fulfill their contract.”

WINGMAN will grant certified staff access to the files they already have permission to possess, but eliminates the burdensome step of having to use the VA as a middle-man to receive them.

“Veterans should not have to go through their member of Congress to get answers from the VA but the fact is we are oftentimes a last resort for many veterans,” said Davis. “Our bill will allow my office, and other congressional offices, to better assist veterans by creating more transparency within the claims process and hopefully allow the VA to be more efficient so veterans get the answers they need and deserve in a timely manner.”

Under WINGMAN, advocates would be able to access the status of a pending claim, medical records, comp and pen records, rating decisions, statement of the case, supplementary statement of the case, notice of disagreement, and Form-9 files within a reasonable amount of time, without having to go through a middle-man.