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House Passes Yoho Anti-Terrorism Bill

Sep 12, 2016
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Ted S. Yoho’s (R-FL-03) bill, the State Sponsors of Terrorism Review Enhancement Act (H.R. 5484), passed the House. This anti-terrorism bill will quadruple the time - from 6 to 24 months - a designated country must refrain from sponsoring terrorism, before a President, regardless of party, can remove it from the sponsor list. The bill also increases congressional oversight by doubling the time Congress has to review the President’s proposed removal--from 45 to 90 days. Congressman Yoho released the following statement following the vote:

“Today, Congress sent a message to supporters of terrorism, if you engage in terrorist activity or are a state sponsor of terror; you will be held accountable and labeled a pariah in the world community. No nation that supports the murder of innocents should be delisted for politically motivated reasons—as was the case with North Korea and Cuba. My bill will protect against such egregious actions.

“My bill will establish a uniform process through which Congress can disapprove of the President’s decision to remove a country from the state sponsor of terrorism list.  By increasing the amount of time for a state to show they are not engaged in terrorism and increasing congressional oversight and scrutiny, we will force countries to prove they are not bad actors. While I am pleased to see my bill pass the House, it was equally rewarding to see my colleagues, Democrats and Republicans, come together and do what is right for America.”

“This bill will now head to the Senate. It is my hope they pass this bipartisan legislation quickly and send it to the President for his signature.”