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Ted Yoho on Orlando attack: ‘President Obama owns this’

Jun 14, 2016
In The News

A Florida congressman is ripping into President Obama in the wake of the deadly terrorist attack in Orlando over the weekend, saying Mr. Obama has failed to call out radical Islamic terrorism for what it is.

“We’re hearing the wrong signal out of this administration. President Obama owns this,” GOP Rep. Ted Yoho said this week on “Tim Constantine’s Capitol Hill Show.”

The White House has refrained from using the phrase “radical Islamic terrorism,” but Mr. Yoho said you can’t defeat something if you can’t identify it or recognize it.

“I know he’s trying to be politically correct and coexist, but at this point in time in our nation’s history, with what’s going on, this is a different world and you need to identify the problem — you need to go after it,” he said.

“President Obama owns this,” Mr. Yoho said. “We have never had this kind of attack in our country since 9/11 to where you’re having these kinds of mass shootings.”

“This is the new era in America, and it’s because this president has not been tough on calling radical jihadist [terrorism] what it is, and going after the root cause of this,” he said.